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This section includes answers to questions that are frequently asked about ProAccess, our products, programs and customer service.

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Can ProAccess service my company as well as a provider that is located closer to us?
ProAccess clients are located throughout the United States.  When the company was formed, our mission was to provide our clients with the fastest and most comprehensive service available. To accomplish this we have chosen to work with strategic partners who can deliver reliable Internet access and other products and services throughout the world.

Does ProAccess’ strategic partner have the power we need to insure that our entire membership can be effectively serviced?
ProAccess has carefully chosen its strategic parner to insure that our clients will receive fast and secure Internet access and services that can be delivered locally, throughout the world.

    Southwest Cyberport Internet services provides website hosting and Internet access over secure, high performance T3 Internet connections.

What is the difference between an Internet Website and a ProAccess PrivateNet™?
A Website is the public portion of a World Wide Web presence.  It is that portion of your public Internet presence which can be visited by anyone through your Home Page.  A unique feature of ProAccess Association Partnership program is the inclusion with each packaged Website of a private Intranet which can be accessed only through a user name and password.  This portion of your Website is secure from casual visitors and contains sections which are meant to be accessed only by your staff or clients and customers.  All of the Fortune 500 companies have recognized the benefit of having such a secure Intranet section in which to conduct a portion of their day-to-day business.  Some of the initial uses of a PrivateNet may be an in-house staff directory, employee/customer calendar of events, wholesale product pricing, electronic newsletter, law or regulation alerts, threaded discussion group, special interest bulletin board, etc.

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